Diving Back Into the Word


It was November of 2014 and it was just another Sunday, or at least that’s how it started. I had Youth Group as usual and I was reading during Mass that night. The second reading for the 5pm Mass was from Proverbs 31 and as I usually do, I was in the rectory going through the readings to make sure I didn’t stumble over my words. I read over the words a couple of times and I felt good about the reading so I closed up the missalette and took my seat for Mass. The time came for me to read so I stood up, said a silent prayer to myself as I walked to the lectern, opened the Word, and began reading. Little did I know, everything was about to change. My heart filled with joy as the words left my lips. “Who can find a woman of worth? Far beyond jewels is her value,” were the words that escaped my mouth as my heart began to race. I had no clue what this feeling was. Was I about to pass out? Am I having a stroke? I don’t smell burning hair, am I having a heart attack? I read on and the feeling only intensified. The Holy Spirit was working through me, that was the only explanation I could think of. I was truly feeling God’s words and it helped me decide that Nicole was the woman I wanted to marry. I went to the jewelry store that night and bought the ring. I was ready.

That was the first time I truly felt the word of God. That was the first time I truly felt the power of God’s Word. Its not enough to just go to church on Sundays and listen to the priest or the pastor share the Word with the congregation. Yea, sometimes its an amazing sermon and you feel recharged and ready to take on the world or you felt it was sub-par and you got nothing from it. But there is so much more to being a follower of Christ than just going to church every Sunday and it starts with the Bible. The Word of God is powerful. The Word of God is life changing. The Word of God is hope.

When was the last time you opened the Bible and just started reading? I’m talking Bible Roulette style, just open the Bible to the first page that opens and start reading. When was the last time you dove into scripture for inspiration because you are stuck in a season of struggle and you don’t see a way out of it? Chances are, its been a while but that’s okay! Start now. Start today. Start tonight. Start at lunch. Open the Word while you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Open the Word before you check your emails in the morning. Start by reading one of the four Gospels. Start by reading one of the letters from Jesus’ apostles to the early church. The bottom line is just start. It may seem like a daunting task and it might confuse you and you may not understand what it is you are reading but that’s okay. Share those questions with others. Share those questions with your priest or pastor, your Bible study leader, your youth pastor, your husband, your wife, you mom or dad. Lean in and find answers. Just read and let God in. Just read and let God work through you. Just read and learn just how amazing and loving our God truly is.


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