Deep in the Heart of Texas

July 3, 2016, one of the happiest days of my life. I finally got to marry my best friend and we were able to share that special day with our closest friends and family. The week leading up to that day was filled with excitement and anticipation. All of our guests started coming into town and our wedding party began trickling in as well. The big day arrived and we did a thing. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bush totally became a thing. I now have a wife. She now has a husband. Holy cow. It actually happened.

We decided that we want to call Texas home so we packed up our lives and two days after the wedding we drove from California to Texas. It was a 22 hour drive split between two days. We ran out of gas, had a blow out on our U-Haul trailer, and couldn’t go faster than 65 MPH. It was a long trip but we made it and we didn’t kill each other or get divorced.

The following weekend we headed out for our honeymoon. We finally shared our first plane ride together after almost four years of being together. We flew to California to pick up Nicole’s car to bring back to Texas but first, honeymoon in the mountains of Colorado. First, 9 hours to Colorado. We arrived but found our refrigerator in our cabin wasn’t working so our delicious steak we bought spoiled. Yay. We had lots of eggs and chili which wasn’t too bad but it definitely added to tthe h adventure. We left a day early because we needed to get back to Texas so we left early Tuesday evening and drove though the night. The drive was 14 hours. Straight. I suck at planning. Oops. We drove through the night, found all the deer in Colorado, hit a rabbit, and finally made it to Texas. 

Within the first two weeks of marriage we drove halfway across the country, twice. We drove through the night both times through miles of nothingness. We put our patience to the test and we came out on top. 

As Nicole and I have found since we started dating we can never do things easy. There is almost some type of an adventure to be had. We have dozens of stories for the kids and we have been married for less than a month. Needles to say I think we are going to have a wonderful marriage. 

Here’s to Texas, may the adventure continue and life be prosperous. Cheers!

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