100 Days Out

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 As of today, Nicole and I are 100 days out from the big day. We are 100 days away from the day I was hoping we would get to the moment she and I started talking. We are 100 days away from becoming Mr. and Mrs. Bush. Holy crap, I’m getting married in 100 days!

In case you haven’t noticed I’m just a little bit excited. Actually, I’m super excited and just flat out ready to marry my best friend and take over the world.

If you haven’t already read our story, you should definitely check it out here so you get the low down on how I proposed to this amazing woman. Nicole is in full on wedding planning mode and let me tell you, its kind of intense. In the words of the illustrious President Francis J. Underwood in regards to Claire Underwood, “I don’t know whether to be proud or terrified.” She has so much on her plate and she just keeps coming back for seconds and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. Every detail is perfect. Every flower needs to be just right. Every sequin evenly spaced from the rest. This girl is planning her own wedding and making most of the decorations herself along with the invitations which I have yet to see but from what I hear are going to be the classiest things since James Bond in a tailored white tuxedo jacket playing high stakes poker while sipping on a vodka martini that’s shaken, not stirred. I’m exhausted just thinking about it but I have to give credit where credit is due because putting up with me and planning a wedding at the same time is like having two full time jobs and learning theoretical physics all at once. I require a lot of personal attention. I’m kind of special. I have accepted this. I seriously love this woman.

Unlike Nicole, I suck at planning things. I suck at making decisions. Maybe that’s why we compliment each other so well? She plans and I just fly through life by the seat of my pants. She helps me be more organized while I help her be more okay with the unknown. Whatever it is, it works and you can see our different personalities during the wedding planning process. For example, I still don’t know what I’m going to wear or what my groomsmen are going to wear. I have to remind myself every morning that its pants first then shoes. I struggle dressing myself but now I have to dress not only myself but six other dudes. Woof. One simple decision and I can’t even get that right. Its definitely a good thing she loves me otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

100 days. I better start getting my life together time now.


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