We Finally Had A Proper Date

File Mar 24, 10 57 37

It only took us 3 years to finally make it happen but it happened and it was magical. Nicole and I have been in a long distance relationship since we started dating. Long distance relationships are hard. Very hard. But if you are willing to put in the work and endure being away from your significant other for extended periods of time then they are totally worth it and they are absolutely amazing. When we did have dates, they consisted of FaceTime conversations or ooVoo dates where we would stare at each other while we did homework or rant and rave about life and what happened during our day. When we got to see each other in the flesh, it usually consisted of us always being around people and never getting to spend time alone with each other. All I wanted to do was be super cheesy and show up to her house, pick her up, take her out for a fun night, then bring her back home, kiss her good night, then go on my way like some what normal couples do on their dates.

I finally got take her on a proper date and it was glorious.

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Nicole is living here in California until our wedding so she can have access to all the things she needs to get done for our big day, which is 101 days away (…crap. I need to workout more to look good in my suit). With her being her, I carpe-ed that diem and took her out on a date. I got off work Friday afternoon, rode my bike through the hell of Southern California rush hour Friday afternoon traffic and made it to grandma’s house to pick up the princess for our date. We went to this awesome place called Hopscotch Tavern in downtown Fullerton and it was amazing. We had a beer, ate each other’s meals, talked wedding stuff, and fell in love all over again. There is just something special about finally being able to be alone. No parents, no grandparents, no tiny human cousins, no sister, no brothers, no dogs. Just Nicole, myself, amazing food, great beer, and a crisp Friday evening dedicated to the two of us. We finished our food, paid our bill, then walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. Seriously, I don’t know how it happens but I fall for this girl more and more and my stomach was so filled with butterflies holding her hand. I felt like a kid in middle school taking the hottest girl in the class ice skating and she holds my hand while we skate around during couples skate with “Kiss Me” playing on the rink speakers. It was the perfect night.

I brought her home and we fell asleep on the couch watching “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I had to ride home because I had a busy Saturday ahead of me so we had to get up and part ways. She walked me outside and we made out on the porch like a couple of teenagers. It was great 🙂 Its the little things in life.

I finally got to take Nicole on a proper date. I’m ready for a life time of proper dates with this woman.

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