Turn Signals and Cruise Control

I am a very big proponent of the use of cruise control and turn signals. Cruise control allows you to just hit the button and cruise as well as improve your gas mileage and the turn signals just show you aren’t interested in being rear ended or sideswiped by someone.

During my morning commute, I always use my cruise control because it is relaxing and makes the drive a little bit better. It allows me to maintain my speed and just cruise right along. It becomes very useful when going up hills because the computer makes sure my truck maintains the speed I set it at. I also don’t become that person who doesn’t pay attention to their speed when going up the hill then speeding down the hill. Too many times do I find myself coming up on a hill and there is someone in front of me, not using their cruise control nor paying attention to their speed, slowing down as they climb the hill. I have to turn off my cruise control, hover of the brake, and sometimes even hit the brake. Since I drive a truck, I try to do everything I can to improve my gas mileage and that includes not hitting my brake when I don’t have to or shouldn’t have to, such as in the case of a driver not paying much attention to anything at all as they climb a hill. It takes a second to press a button or toggle a switch that will enable you to set a comfortable cruising pace and not be that guy that causes the traffic jam at the base of the hill. Think about it.

Turn signals. That should just be a given. I know what I want to do and I want to show the world what I’m going to do as well. I can’t read a person’s mind that they want to switch lanes in front of me all of a sudden or they want to turn in front of me as I’m going through the intersection. Little details such as switching on your blinker can be the difference between a good day and a horrible day. Just some food for thought.

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