My Very First Blog

Hello world!

That is the first program any programmer learns day 1 in any programming language. I guess it is pretty appropriate for me to use that as my opener for this blog since this is day 1 for me in the blog-sphere. I am not a programmer, however, but I have dabbled in the world of programming unsuccessfully. I am very much so an amateur in the world of programming.

Throughout this blog, I will chronicle things and events that happen in my life. Most of my posts will be some what related to the tech world or my personal relationship with different things in my life (my faith, my family, my fiancee, etc.). For those of you that chose to follow this blog, I thank you now in advance because some of it may be a little cut and dry and not very interesting. A lot of it may just be mindless rambling about the platform wars or some reblog from a podcast I have been listening to. Some things may be interesting, though, so I ask you to please stay frosty and pay attention.

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